Adventure Travel Activities in India

Indian’s diverse natural landscape provides tourists with a vast array of adventure travel activities that will excite and exhilarate. Trekking, rappelling, paragliding, white-water rafting and multi-day expeditions are among the many popular choices available to them.

Bungee jumping is another thrilling activity to experience, whether in Rishikesh or Neemrana Fort – its thrill will leave you breathless!


Kayaking is an exhilarating adventure travel activity perfect for anyone interested in discovering waterways. Kayaking can be enjoyed with little prior experience required and provides hours of fun!

Kayaking can be enjoyed in oceans, rivers and lakes alike, and there are various kayak models designed specifically to address different environmental conditions.

If you plan to kayak, be sure to pack some essential equipment, such as gloves or booties, extra clothing, and a compass.

Dependent upon your destination, kayaking classes may be necessary before engaging in this sport. Classes teach proper kayaking techniques while helping keep participants safe on the water.


Mountaineering is an adventure travel activity that demands stamina, perseverance and an admiration of nature. Additionally, it requires strong willpower as well as an unflappable approach towards any mishaps that may arise on a climb up or descent of mountains.

Mountaineering may not be for everyone, but it can be an exhilarating and thrilling experience if done responsibly. Unfortunately, however, mountaineering can also be hazardous if unprepared.

For your own safety, it is wise to travel with someone more experienced. That way they can assist should something unexpected occur and ensure the climb is a successful experience for all involved.

India boasts several mountaineering spots that present unique challenges, including Roopkund in Uttarakhand and Sikkim’s Bagini Glacier.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is one of the most exhilarating adventure travel activities available to Indian travelers today, gaining immense popularity for over 25 years as both young and old enjoy this fun pastime.

Bungee jumping stands out among other adrenaline-packed sports as a risky activity; injuries sustained can include bruises, herniated discs and vertebral fractures.

Bungee jumping can be particularly hazardous for individuals who suffer from medical conditions such as cardiovascular issues or have had previous bouts with chronic illness, as well as people under 10 or 35. Furthermore, it should not be attempted without appropriate prior medical consent and supervision.

Bungee jumps are typically executed from towers or bridges, though they can also be attempted from moving objects such as helicopters and hot air balloons. A bungee jump is composed of an elastic cord (or rope) tied around your ankles; as the jumper free-falls, their body stretches the cord, which in turn rebounds back upwards into their jumper’s body when free falling – effectively pushing him or her back up again!

Hot Air Ballooning

Hot air ballooning is a relatively new adventure travel activity in India, yet rapidly gaining in popularity. It provides an amazing way to experience some of its most captivating sites from an altogether new angle.

No matter where your travels take you in India – from Rajasthan’s desert state or Hampi’s charming temple town – you’re guaranteed an exquisite bird’s-eye view of some of its most iconic landmarks from hundreds of meters in the air.

Hot air balloon rides are best enjoyed during the summer when weather conditions are ideal and skies clear. Make sure to wear sturdy footwear, layer up in case it gets cold, and protect yourself with sunglasses!


Skiing is a thrilling and adventurous travel activity that offers great thrills. Popular locations to ski in India are Kufri, Gulmarg and Manali.

There are also plenty of amazing ski resorts throughout Europe, New Zealand and Australia if you want to try your hand at skiing. Below are a few destinations worth considering:

Skiing offers more serious skiers a wealth of challenging terrain to enjoy, while beginners may prefer ski resorts offering beginner trails. More experienced skiers may prefer mountains in Europe and Asia with excellent trails. Skiing can be both enjoyable and healthy; it’s an excellent way to have fun with friends or meet new ones!