Budget Travel in India

India offers incredible holidays on a tight budget! From idyllic beaches to stunning hill stations, India is filled with incredible sights that you can see all in an affordable package! With amazing attractions such as beaches and hill stations to choose from there’s sure to be something perfect for everyone’s taste – with so much history, culture, nature, food and history you won’t even know what you missed when planning!

Accommodation is key for budget travel in India, whether travelling solo or as a couple; no matter the budget constraints you can find comfortable rooms and inviting hostels with friendly hosts for very reasonable costs.


Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage site home to ancient temple complexes from Vijayanagara empire. Thanks to its breathtaking scenery and affordable prices, it has become an attractive weekend getaway spot both among Indians and Westerners.

Hampi offers many activities to do from hiking and bouldering to visiting rock-cut temples. The ideal time of year to visit is between November and January when temperatures remain comfortably warm and dry.

Mathanga Hill offers breathtaking panoramic views over Hampi city and environs, and is worth climbing its 520 steps for. Take time for sunset over Hampi!

Not to be missed is Hippie Island, an oasis of peace on the opposite bank of the river from mainland. Perfect for world-class bouldering and relaxing, as well as visiting Hanuman – India’s monkey god – its birthplace, this spot can’t be missed!


Kasol, India is an affordable travel destination that provides backpackers with many enjoyable experiences. This scenic town in Himachal Pradesh is famous for its beautiful landscapes and vibrant culture.

Kasol provides many free experiences for visitors, such as hiking and trekking. Furthermore, the village provides the chance to unwind on the banks of Parvati River.

Kasol offers numerous homestays and hotels offering affordable accommodations to visitors.

Kasol offers numerous cafes to satisfy your hunger. These eateries are popular among visitors and offer delicious food at reasonable prices.

Visit Tosh in the Parvati Valley, an intimate village offering Israeli cuisine and psychedelic music cafes.


Goa is an increasingly popular tourist destination due to its array of budget travel opportunities and natural beauty. Discover its vibrant nightlife while taking in its stunning natural features.

Staying in budget accommodation like hostels or OYO rooms can be an economical choice when travelling in groups, helping reduce lodging expenses.

Renting a scooter or car can also be an affordable way to explore a city on your own – especially useful if you live in a more remote area and don’t rely on public transport for transport needs.

Goa’s local markets offer an assortment of goods at very reasonable prices, making shopping an enjoyable activity while in Goa. Be sure to visit Anjuna Market or Arpora Night Market for souvenirs and handcrafted art pieces.


Kerala is a beloved tourist destination in India, known for its varied experiences that range from lush tropical beaches and mountains, dense forests, backwaters and world-class sporting facilities to lush mountain terrain.

Kerala provides many affordable travel opportunities. From experiencing its breathtaking waterfalls in Kumarakom to strolling tea plantations in Thekkady, there is much you can do in Kerala on a budget trip.

Be sure to visit Vadakkunnathan Temple during this festival for maximum pleasure!

Another excellent way to save money while exploring Kerala is by choosing restaurants with reasonable prices, particularly those located in rural areas. A great tip is asking locals for restaurant suggestions; this will enable you to find delicious and authentic meals at an affordable price, while meeting new people and receiving advice and suggestions about where and what to see and do!