Discover the Best of Indian Cuisine and Food Tours

India is home to an abundance of cuisines and dishes, from traditional vegetarian fare to savoury seafood curries and delicate coconut-based curries – you are bound to find something delicious on an Indian food tour!

Thalis are one of the best ways to experience Indian cuisine, serving as an organized set meal with curries, vegetables, dal, rice and even pickles on one tray.


Pondicherry cuisine draws heavily upon Tamil and French traditions as well as South-East Asian flavours such as curries and seafood dishes.

Puducherry offers many French-style restaurants and cozy cafes that have their own distinct charm, offering cuisine such as quiche, mutton rolls, pesto chicken pizza and spinach crepe.

As part of your visit to Puducherry, it’s also worthwhile experiencing its vibrant history and culture through one of several tours available here.

At the Museum of Puducherry, visitors will gain insight into how French influence merged with local South Indian culture. Exhibits at this museum include terracotta elephant statues, antique teak furniture and rare bronzes from Chola and Pallava dynasties – perfect examples of how these two influences came to exist side-by-side.


India is a culinary delight with delectable street foods, traditional home cooking, and exquisite restaurants throughout its fabled shores. Discover its culinary secrets on a Secret Food Tours India food tour!

Rajakkad Estate, established in the 18th century, stands in Palani Hills among lush forests and coffee plantations, offering guests a cozy getaway from daily life.

Our dining room offers delicious South Indian and Mediterranean-influenced cuisine made from locally produced food. For an unforgettable dining experience, book a private dinner. Or take advantage of a morning yoga session on our stone platform surrounded by flowering trees and bamboo or just laze in your hammock to take in stunning views!


Periyar National Park in Kerala is one of India’s most beloved national parks, boasting some of the country’s finest royal Bengal tigers and elephants, tropical birds and other forms of wildlife species. Don’t miss it for nature enthusiasts!

There is plenty of entertainment in the park, such as cloud walks, bamboo rafting and bullock cart rides. Furthermore, you can arrange a boat cruise around Lake Eerie.

Make the most out of your experience with a group, by booking your cruise online ahead of time! Based on your interests, select from large ferry boats or bamboo rafts as the perfect vessel for you and book the appropriate cruise experience.

Periyar offers the perfect culinary tour experience for foodies of all kinds, highlighting local produce and revealing some of the finest cuisine in the region. Plus, spice markets and fish markets provide ample opportunities for sampling some of the world’s finest seafood!


Foodies who enjoy exploring local cuisine will appreciate a Mysore food tour as an exciting adventure that goes beyond idlis and dosas to uncover hidden gems in this culinary-rich city.

Mysore is famous for its delightful cuisine, offering many traditional local dishes as well as many dishes with distant origins.

Mysore cuisine provides something sweet or savoury for every taste, while being known for traditional filter coffee and butter milk with spices added.

Mysore offers many enjoyable activities and experiences to make any visit unforgettable. Ranging from relaxing activities to thrilling ones, there’s sure to be something in Mysore that makes your journey truly worthwhile!


Kerala, situated along India’s western coast, crams 600km of Arabian Sea shoreline, canals, and hill country into its narrow footprint. This diversity has given rise to an extensive cuisine in Kerala consisting of seafood dishes with spices or simple veggies – dishes which define its local identity.

Experience Kerala’s delicious cuisine first-hand by going on a culinary tour. Visit tea plantations, sample regional delicacies, and dine on traditional meals in homestays – it all adds up to an unforgettable culinary experience!

Visit Kerala to witness one of its classical dance forms – Kathakali – and learn its intricate makeup and hand gestures. Additionally, purchase a mask as a memento from your trip and take home as a memento of Kerala!